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Winters, I’ll miss thee…

Winters when thou ’ll be gone,

I’ll miss thy frigid ‘n’ nippy morn…


When sweat will trickle down,

Brisk winds, I’ll miss gushing around.

When heat waves will make throat dry,

I’ll miss hot cocoa ‘n’ soups with sigh!

Overhead, when the sun ‘ll blaze,

Winters, I’ll miss thy cool misty haze!


Sitting ‘n’ soaking in mellow rays,

Will miss thy numbing chilly days.

I’ll miss the comfort thou bring,

In cosy apparels which we cling.

The coats, the scarfs and mittens…

Winters, how thou leave me smitten!


Will miss fresh breath of crisp air,

Warmth of hearth, whence ember flare.

The sparkling snow falling down,

White sheet covering entire town.

A chance to slow down, you bring,

Winters, thy sacrosanct songs I love to sing!


Winters when thou ’ll be gone

I’ll miss thy frigid ‘n’ nippy morn…


Photo By: Freestocks

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Shristee Singh
Shristee Singh
Currently residing in Hyderabad, Shristee Singh hails from the city of nawabs Lucknow. Writing for her is not a race but a journey... a song which comes from the soul! Playing with words is her passion, Shristee Singh can write on any fashion! Songs of the soul she sings, writing with beatific wings!


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