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There’s something surreal about this morning

There’s something surreal about this morning

Chirped the sparrow, 

The horns are not blaring

No fumes, no soot is flaring

Pristine, bisque, sunlight is tearing

Making way through folioles, the trees are bearing

A sight, so recherche, so uncomparing


There’s something surreal about this morning

Bellowed the cows

The roads seem forsaken

The sparse humans, in sight, seem shaken

To the pastures, we have not been taken

Up is the sun, did the master not waken

Is all really serene, or are we all mistaken


There’s something surreal about this morning

Snarled the dogs

Missing are the honks jarring

Empty bylanes, with no child starring

No food thrown for us, the hunger is charring

Hither, thither, we roam, with no debarring

Desolate streets, only a few humans barring


There’s something surreal about this morning

Swooshed the trees

Crisp and clean, effervescent is the air

A piece of heaven, seems to have descended here

Rolling our eyes, we search for them everywhere

For so less of them are visible, far and near

But, why should it matter, why should we care


There’s something surreal about this morning

Whispered the mother

For I have hushed them all, forbidden them to meet each other

Shh…don’t make noise, lest the virus will smother

Now, that all humans are caged, all my children other

Can breathe freely, for not only theirs, of you alI, I  am the Mother.


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Maneet Gulati Ahuja
Maneet Gulati is a post graduate in microbiology. Now a stay at home mother and a freelance blogger, she has won multiple flash fiction contests in online communities. She is an avid reader and fell in love with poetry just recently. For her, it has been quite an enriching and liberating experience since poetry has given wings to her thoughts. She feels she has found her latent love in poetry.



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