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I was sixteen

From a single moment, my life forever changed,

I was sixteen, and I was told every event is pre ordained.


Slamming the door, he entered like it was his right,

I could not shake him, even though I fought with all my might.


A private zone, he shamelessly, thrust-fully entered,

I screamed in agony at the wounds he brutally festered.


Inside I wept and outside the rainstorms lashed angrily,

And SHE stood outside the door silently and solemnly.


The nightmarish night ensnared me forever in its dark tentacles,

But “Shh ! my mother said, It’s only your stepdad”,adjusting her spectacles!


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Rachna Karara
Rachna Karara
Rachna Karara is a beautiful mother of two happy children. She runs a successful business of retailing garments .However, her first passion is Creative Writing. Also, a great believer in the power of Cosmic Vibrations, Rachna is a spiritual philosopher and also into Buddhist Practice.


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