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The Endless Winters

It’s not of just a quarter of a year to me,

the cold waves seem to be eternal.

The winters arrived; not after the autumn,

 for me the winter barged in, that one summer evening;

when you gave me that cold shoulder.


The warmth of affection,

the fire in your eyes,

the passionate kisses igniting the heat,

all drowned in your cold stare…

The winter Barged in, that one summer evening;

when you dried up all the wet feelings.


The flowers don’t bloom anymore,

The decoloured canvas of my life,

The chill in the air makes me realise,

The winter barged in, that fateful summer evening,

when you left me shivering in the agony of loneliness.


I wrap up myself in the cosiness of memories,

the firewood of the illusion of you,

and the rekindling the warmth lost,

That you shall bring back the spring…

After the winter barged in, that lonely summer evening.


That, you will light up the Christmas in my winters,

Not this cold n aloof but cuddly and caffeine-brewed love.


Photo By:  Nachelle Nocom

Piya Gajbe
Piya Gajbe
Bhavna Gajbe is a Nagpur based Freelance writer. She is a lawyer by educational qualification and a writer by choice. Being a mother to a seven-year-old son, writing comes to her as a medium to keep herself rooted and at times sane, expressing all the emotions. The digital space allows a great platform for writers like her to express on varied topics of social relevance and reach out to a greater number of readers. Other than writing, she loves reading a lot, movies and painting.



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