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The Mermaid’s Ramp

The humongous island in the faraway sea,  had a scandalous stamp,

The veteran sailors aptly named it as ‘The Mermaids’ Ramp’.

For the blue eyed beauties called the mermaids, with their luscious lips,

Heaved their bare, heavy breasts as they spot a ship.

The sailors who dared to answer the beckoning seductresses,

Found themselves to be carried away by their chosen enchantresses. 

Next, in the island, they were sent to an alluring trance,

And the sexy sirens entertained them with a seductive dance.

In their foolhardiness, as they tried to had coitus with their femme fatale,

A sudden, treacherous feeling would warn them that all was not well.

And before they could fully comprehend that they were caught in a vicious trap,

The Mermaids’ sharp fangs would tore their fleshes in half.

With their wild, terrified eyes, the nearly departed souls would beheld,

That the golden, curly haired, ravishing mermaids did not have a heart of gold.

Their ears would record their own dirge song,

Which the mermaids mockingly sang to them while feasting along.

And as they were done eating the sailors, licking their lips,

They began to wait again, with patience, for the next passing ship.

For they knew that their prey humans had a taste for lust,

It was their Achilles heel, which would bring them to dust.

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Indrani Chowdhary
Indrani Chowdhary
Indrani was born and raised in the North-East city of Gauhati at Assam.She did her post graduation in English and worked as a teacher for some time.Her friends describes her to be a hardworking, simple girl.She is settled at Bangalore after her marriage and is a mother of a one year old.The world of books have always intrigued her and she has a knack of writing.Besides this, she loves travelling, cooking for her family and friends and meeting interesting people.



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The Mermaid’s Ramp

The humongous island in the faraway sea,  had a scandalous stamp, The veteran sailors aptly named it as 'The Mermaids' Ramp'. For the blue eyed beauties...

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