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The Sound of Silence

I had longed to hear the clomping 

of her heavy workboots 

as the lazy noon would trot out

of the bokeh of the yonder,

as the dwindling palm doves’ calls 

would join in the late spring chatter

and the mango tree would moan

with the impregnated boughs.

koel would coo hoo and splash

the sugar cubes in my evening tea..

crickets would then lisp shamelessly 

in the twilight maze.


And Amen! the gods said.

And the sprouting seed 

of the humdrum of life 

got tirelessly caged 

in the whispering Stillwaters..

dead as the doornail, 

devoid of all the rat-a-tat 

of beeps and loud speakers,

No honking signals 

no heaving city air

no spying neighbours

no morning prayer…


But I long for these conspiracies now

I long to shed my sweat in the sun

I want to brush my shoulders 

while getting lost in this urban cavern

I long to put on those jogging shoes

And I long to smile to a stranger..


Patience…dear heart,

God says.. rein in that virtue.

This silence too 

will soon crash down on the 

windscreen of another evolution.

Till then hold on dear heart…

Hold on to this maddening silence!




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