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Who Made The Rules

Recounts the fairy tale

The plight of the pretty mermaid

Enamoured, she was

Off her feet, she was swayed 

In the flexures of her heart

An aria, mellifluous, played


The semblance of a man

Like a relic, in her heart, stayed

Love at first sight, twas

Swamping her, like a cascade

For a union of both souls

Day and night, she prayed


Heartbroken she was

For the rules of the world, forbade

Such a discordant unison

Humans and mermaids

For each other, were not made

Recounts the fairy tale


Who made the rules

In my mind, the thought, weighed

For I always presupposed

For love, there is no barricade

For we don’t get to choose

Whom, our heart will invade 


And then, I looked at myself 

The sight, left me dismayed 

Surrendering to the so called rules

That the society had laid

Giving up on love

Breaking free of shackles, I was afraid 


Self doubt creeped in

I pondered, was I, the mermaid

How could I, not be

Like a coward, I had concurred to trade

Love for rules, never challenged the charade of,

Who made the rules.

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Maneet Gulati Ahuja
Maneet Gulati is a post graduate in microbiology. Now a stay at home mother and a freelance blogger, she has won multiple flash fiction contests in online communities. She is an avid reader and fell in love with poetry just recently. For her, it has been quite an enriching and liberating experience since poetry has given wings to her thoughts. She feels she has found her latent love in poetry.


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