A month of snow and frost,

Icy winds blowing day and night,

We miss the warm summer

And the refreshing sunlight.


Times of celebration, parties,

Picnics and moments of fun,

The parks and gardens come

Alive with lively kids’ run.


Sledging across the snow,

Hitting snowballs in the chill,

Dressed in warm sweaters, mufflers,

Prancing near the hill.


Snuggling in cozy blankets

On Sundays till late morn,

Then eating warm cakes,

Breads and buttered corn.


The advent of Christmas,

Santa Claus on the sleigh,

Giving gifts to eager kids,

While on their beds they lay.


Plum cakes, holly leaves,

Singing carols, ‘Silent Night,’

The earth enveloped in snow,

What an ethereal sight.


December is the festive

Time for gaiety and cheer,

Leaving the past behind,

Ushering the new year.


Photo By: Chad Madden



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