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Winter longings

In the dead of the winter
When the nature is sleeping
Under the snow cover
Buried lie the whiffs
Of the summer I once nursed

Shivering in the chill
Are the flowers of a dream
That didn’t find a strong will
Dormant lies its sire
Missing the adrenaline rush

Creaking in the raw cold
Are the joints of the green love
Whose weight it couldn’t hold
Naked poses their bearer
Waiting for a sliver of sun

Knitting a sweater for the streets
Are the swirling snowflakes
The kitchen smells of sweet treats
Indoors stay my escapades
By the petite sun of a cozy fireplace

Flying under the stars bright
Is my guardian snow angel
Through the bleak harsh night
Humming a song for my paramour,
The ever so charming spring!


Photo By: Tanta Teti

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