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 Winter’s Wonderland

I stand here, numb, alone

 the thick carpet of glistening snowflakes

 crunch against my broad trunk

 the silvery icicles dangle from

 my spindly bare arms, sparkling 

 under the winter sun. 


 that old couple across the frozen lake

 amazes me, summer or rain, 

 winter or spring, their passionate touch

 enough to warm their vintage

 abode, unlike the neighbouring families

 craving marigold flames of the fireplace.


 kids busy decorating the snowman

 the newlyweds cuddling up

 with a hot cup of cocoa, 

 snow angels descending from the cloudy sky

 “each flake is unique, just like you!”

  the mellifluous breeze whispers in my ears.


  ’tis the season of February fun

  ’tis season of contemplation

  the wonderful time of the year,

  snowbirds heading south for winters

  the earth is bare of browns and greens;

  hang a wreath of welcoming on your door

  let the cold gusts blow, love will thaw the 

  frozen heart. 


Photo By:  Karine Germain

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Sonali Ray
Sonali Ray
Sonali Bhattacharya is a full time mommy to an excessively active toddler and a part time aspiring writer. Motherhood is a never ending learning experience for her. Joining this writing platforms has blessed her with a bunch of learned friends.



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